5 Pairs of Self-Adhesive Snap-on White Large Hand-shaped PET Electrode Pads for HealthmateForever Mini Handheld Pro Muscle Pulse Palm Massager

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Dim: 2.5 in L x 1.75 in W
Uses snap-on connectors
These pads are made out of a PET material that allows the pads to be used on flat areas and are easy to clean. The flexible, self-adhesive, conductive pads require no gels or creams to be applied and are FDA approved.
These pads are only compatible with our snap-on dual-leads wires that are included in the kit in any device models excluding YK15.


Note: We are not responsible for pads that are not supplied from HealthmateForever. Our pads are the only ones that have been tested to be compatible with HealthmateForever devices.